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Sire - Vladimir Rasputin Putin- Vlads pictures
complete pedigree Vwd - Clear,cardio clear

Dam - Mila die Prcocious Prinzessin Mila pictures
vwd clear, cardio clear,
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AVO Dobermans,
AVO Doberman Pinscher puppies

    Notification of upcoming litters will be posted.   ALL puppies are AKC and will have papers.  ALL Doberman puppies come with a written health guarantee, will have their first series of shots, tails docked, dew claws removed , be wormed,health checked by my vet and micro chipped

All prospective owners must fill out the puppy approval form.  We want to insure our dogs get good homes and that you know the needs of a Doberman puppy.

Pricing:  We charge the same for males or females on our limited registrations. There is no premium charge for colors.  All AKC approved colors cost the same (red, black, blue, fawn).  Limited registrations.  Choice of pup is determined by when your deposit is received,this makes it fair for all.  If you are really committed to purchasing a pup a $250.00 non refundable deposit (unless I can not provide you with a pup) is required.  What this insures you is a pick pup if that is of importance to you.

Unlimited registrations are at the sole discretion of AVO Dobermans.
Prospective applicants must contact avortman  for terms and stipulations 
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New York breeders doberman puppies,buffalo,rochester
Doberman Puppy Information

Our mission is to improve the Doberman Pinscher breed.  We do this by health testing and researching bloodlines to insure you get a healthy Doberman Pinscher puppy with a stable temperament.  Some common afflictions of the Doberman are Von willebrand's disease and DCM  Any responsible breeder should have the test results for both sire and dam.  Click the link to get a better understanding of  Von willebrands. and DCM All of our Dobermans are tested.
Our objective is to enable the average person to own a quality Doberman Pinscher puppy at a reasonable price.  Our Dobermans are equal to, or better than some dogs costing twice as much.  Do your homework, look at the lineage, and our health guarantee.  Search the net and you will be back.  Our Doberman Pinschers have champion lines, but are also bred for stability and temperament.  Believe me this is the trait that is most important to you, regardless if you are showing the Doberman or just want a healthy pet.

About us;
   I have been actively involved in breeding Dobermans for 20 years.  My goal is to enable average working people like myself to have the opportunity to own a quality Doberman Pinscher.  You do not have to spend $2500 and up to have a quality dog.  I speak from personal experience; I have had them.  There can be problems.  In the pursuit of excellence, breeding practices may be done which can enhance the good traits with the bad.
   My  Doberman Pinschers do have some champions in their pedigrees and they come from different lineages.  I currently have European stock.  My male has champion bloodlines .  My female has champion Russian bloodlines.  I have chosen these dogs for their lineage, temperament and quality.  I only have 1 to 2 litters a year by choice.  I stress quality, not quantity. I am not a Show breeder, I am a Master breeder.  I feel I am accomplishing my goal.  I have had several repeat customers. They were so pleased with their dog they bought another one.
      Our goal is to provide you a healthy dog of sound temperament bred to the breed standard
   I usually have a waiting list.  When the litters are available, it is a good idea to express interest as soon as possible due to the limited number of puppies.  I insist that any potential buyers fill out and submit the puppy form.  I  want to make sure you are able to properly care for your new Doberman puppy.  I am located in Western New York, Lockport north of Buffalo

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We have 1 to 2 litters a year. Our Doberman Pinscher puppies are born and raised right in our home (usually the dining room) not in a barn, kennel, or garage.  I personally assist with every litter.  The puppies have constant socialization with our family from birth.  What this assures you is a properly socialized Doberman that is interactive with humans and adapted to them.  Do you really think a Doberman puppy raised in a barn, garage, or kennel has that intense socialization?  Does it matter?  Of course it does!  Without proper interaction any puppy can develop problems such as being a bully, aggressive behavior, shyness, or anti-social behavior to name a few.

Doberman Pinscher - check out for Doberman Pinscher information; read reviews, view photos and ask questions.

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Mila and Vlad receiving their annual Holter monitoring  see Health testing
to see why this is important.
Alena die schöne Pubertas Prinzessin
vwd clear,cardio clear

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doberman pups bred for temperament and stability
AVO Doberman pinsher breeder, Alena,vwd clear cardio free
Alena,vwd clear,Cardio clear
available doberman pups USA ,AVO dobie pups raised in the home NOT a kennel or barn with human socialization from birth
Avo doberman puupies bred for health longevity and temperament
AVO doberman vwd clear puppies from cardio free parents
AVO doberman pups raised in the home with socialization 24/7,available pups, ny,ma,vt,nh,ohio
avo doberman pup bred for health,longevity
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Vladimir Rasputin Putin
vwd clear, cardio clear

Mila die Prcocious Prinzessin

AVO Dobermans Raisa OFA thyroid normal,vwd clear
Raisa Das Viel Liebte Prinzessin
OFA certified,hips,thyroid and elbows
pedigree- Vwd- Clear  complete pedigree
now retired
Our pups are raised in the home in the office, they are monitored 24/7 especially during the critical 10 day period. There is always someone to assist Mom or pups if needed

Vlad June 6 2015
2 years old
Vlad at 14 months
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Vetary Best Pet Sites
The AVO difference, the pups get whatever they need to ensure their well being
    Before you buy any doberman you should read this health testing.........Dilated Cardio Myopathy in dobermans...Is your doberman's food any good? here to make an educated decision.
Mila and Vlads 2017 litter